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Camp Neshama is a retreat where you can relax, enjoy camp-style activities, nature, and an inspiring Shabbat experience with other Jewish young professionals.

Made possible by sponsorship from The Alevy Family, Camp Neshama launched on Labor Day Weekend in 2016 and we are back by popular demand.

Enjoy three days of spirited and fun programming, delicious meals, great indoor & outdoor activities, arts & crafts, and awesome people.

After a full day and evening of programming, sleep well in newly renovated hotel-style and cabin-style accommodations.

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Our Team


Back in 2009 we saw adult summer camps begin to pop-up around the country. These retreats brought grown-ups back to relive (or for some the first time) all the fun they had as kids. We had run summer camps for young adults and college students in Eastern Europe, and realized that a Jewish version for young professionals in California would kill it. And it was awesome!

Summer camp, and especially a Jewish summer camp, is one of the most magical and special environments to be found anywhere. Some Jewish summer camps can sometimes achieve cult-like status, creating lifelong devotees. If you could live there year-round, you might just try.


Since our programs launched in the summer of 2010, Jewish young professional summer camps have sprung up around the country. We are proud to have helped start a revolution in Jewish adult camping! 


Camp is accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds. We build Jewish unity by being certified kosher and shomer-shabbat friendly, enabling Jews from secular, reform and more traditional backgrounds to camp together!                                                

Happy Camping!

— Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein 

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Camp Neshama is brought to you by the team that created Jewlicious Festivals, Camp Jewlicious, Mountain High Shabbat, TikkunFest and other celebrations, and Pico Shul.

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