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The Nova Survivors Dance Again

by Kylie Ora Lobell, at The Jewish Journal

Rabbi Yonah, Rachel, and Pico Shul featured in Jewish Journal article

The Jewish community has been stepping up to support them in their time of need, most recently hosting them at Camp Ramah in Ojai for a weeklong, healing retreat.

She got married to her husband Maor in 2022. They soon brought a precious baby boy into this world. She was close to her family, especially her father, whom she called her best friend. She felt truly blessed.

And then, Oct. 7 happened. She and her husband had flown from Los Angeles to Israel to attend the Nova Music Festival. They were having a good time, dancing and listening to music all night long – and then Hamas terrorists attacked.

They viciously murdered and wounded innocent civilians, raped women and captured others, taking them back to Gaza as hostages.

Danielle and Maor witnessed death and destruction. To survive, they hid under dead bodies for seven hours.

“My eyes were murdered,” Danielle said. “My life was vandalized. I was dead on the inside and numb to my core.”

After surviving, Danielle found out that Hamas terrorists had murdered her father, her cousin and her husband and another good friend.

“Life before Oct. 7 was innocent,” she said. “I may even call myself naive to what the world went through.”

A month after that tragic day, Danielle and Maor flew back to Los Angeles, to a city where everything seemed normal.

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